Who is barbie blank dating

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Barbie Blanks, former WWE Diva and fiancé to hockey star, Sheldon Souray, has mastered the art of manhandling beef with class.

Despite her on-air confrontations, the entertainer born Barbara Jean wears a happy demeanor like Dri-Fit. Barbie Blank: I came from the world of WWE and entertaining at such a young age, at 19 years old, from a wrestling standpoint.

“After trying on my third dress I knew I had found the one.” Sara Richardson In fact, the three besties she took on the shopping trip — and the rest of the employees at boutique! “When I put on the dress and walked out of the dressing room the whole store turned around and look at me and they said, That’s the one!

” RELATED PHOTOS: Oscars 2016: All the Dresses You Didn’t See She chose a sleek updo to accentuate her gown — “I wanted my hair up because the dress is open back and is so beautifully detailed that I wanted everyone to see it so I wanted to go for something classy, elegant and timeless for my hair” — and accented it with Rahaminov diamonds worn as a a headband (they also made her bracelet and tear-drop diamond necklace).

Once we started talking about where we would get married we both said, ‘Cabo!

'” Though, she didn’t want to go with a theme that was too beach-focused and worked with wedding planner Karla Casillas and Co. “I wanted it to be just magical with everyone in gowns and tuxedos so it definitely is not a beach theme even though it’s in Cabo.” She really just wanted the overall ambiance to be centered around having fun, “We wanted everyone to feel like this is a celebration.” And some notable guests that were invited to partake in said fun?

How did the transition from wrestling affect your personality in front of the camera? I was always the good guy, the underdog, the All-American girl and it was great because Vince [Mc Mahon] was like, ‘Just go out there and be yourself.’ I never had to play a character; I never had to be the bad guy. There are times on the show where I’ve gotten in arguments with these girls [and] I want to have Kelly Kelly come out and put some moves on these girls.So I did that for seven years and I just fell in love with entertaining.After I retired about two years ago, it was all about . In the reality world, you just have stuff like that but you don’t see the relationship and the struggles we go through [while] dating a professional athlete, whether it be being traded to a different team, the schedule, all that stuff that comes along from dating someone that’s in that world. I feel like why me and my fiancé’s relationship works so well is because I was a professional athlete in my own world for WWE, so I get the travel and everything he goes through.People were so mean, they would be like, ‘You can’t wrestle, you suck.’ And every Monday, I would come back from a match and have lots of hate tweets.I would just block those out, not give them any life. In terms of your relationship, Sheldon seems the most supportive. On the first episode when Olivia said hockey players [cheat], I’ve heard way more comments [about] NFL players than I have for hockey.

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